Trials on In vitro Propagation and Using Natural Additives for Myrtus communis L. Plant

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Y. A. A. Ghatas


Explant types, anti-oxidant pre-treatments, organic additives, natural additives, vitamins mix strengths, cytokinin types and concentrations, different medium strengths, GA3 concentrations, auxin types and concentrations were studied during the period from 2017 to 2018 to establish a protocol for in vitro propagation of Myrtle. It was found that culturing of pre-treated shoot tips with anti-oxidant solution (A.O.S) on modified Murashige and Skoog (MS), or Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with PVP as anti-oxidants induced the best results in reducing free phenolic compounds and enhancing explant development parameters. Also, adding combination of  tryptophan, adenine sulphate and coconut water as organic additives maximized survival percentage and improved explant development. In the same time, adding combination of coconut water at  5% plus Banana pulp plus Papaya extract at 50 g/L of were helpful in maximizing number of shoots/plant, shoot length and greening parameters. Also duplicating the dose of vitamin mix of Gamborg medium improved explants development and survival (%) of explant. Meanwhile, using of 1.0 mg/ L BAP increased proliferation. Meanwhile, addition of 2.0 mg/ L GA3 to half strength medium maximized shoot length. Moreover, the addition of 2.0 mg/L IBA to the culture medium induced the highest number of roots/plant.     

Micropropagatin, In vitro, natural additives, myrtle and ornamental shrubs.

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Ghatas, Y. A. A. (2020). Trials on In vitro Propagation and Using Natural Additives for Myrtus communis L. Plant. Asian Journal of Agricultural and Horticultural Research, 5(1), 37-48.
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